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Design and Management of
Corporate Reputation

  • Identity, Communication and Corporate Image. Digital branding

  • Community Management. Design  and  management of web pages;  internal social and digital media.

  • Risk Map and Contingency Management.

  • Spokesperson training for  contingencies

  • Socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizenship

  • Support for marketing of products and services.

  • Corporate and promotional videos.

  • Management and measurement of organizational climate. Development of a solidary corporate community

 Fly high on the Web
Create a powerful website and a

community around your
products, services ... or ideas!

Have the media carry your message
Direct to those who should receive it

Social and Environmental

Responsibility Programs
that raise the reputation of your company

And if your company´s reputation runs the risk of falling into a tailspin ...

Make sure you have the approriate instruments to maintain your altitude

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400.000 Hours of Flight Experience

Throughout his professional career, our founder, Richard N. Bailey Lazzari, has had the privilege of accruing many hours of flight , specifically  in  Corporate Reputation Management, in very diverse circumstances and multiple sectors: oil, mining, engineering, advertising and marketing, corporate communications. We would be honored to put our  experience  at your service. 


Since 2011, he has also  been promoting environmental conservation causes  and   a culture of responsibility towards nature through radio programs and management  of a website:  www.la huellaverde.net

“Once you hace tried flight, you will forever walk on earth with your eyes turned towards the sky, because you have been there and will always long to go back”
                        Leonardo Da Vinci

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